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Be Unique,
create better experiences.

As technology advances, clients' expectations increases. With Recifa you can become even more, by providing the simplest, quickest, and best transaction experiences for your clients, wherever they are.

Create Better Experience.

It's not about the size of your event, but it is rather about the experiences you are able to create. Creative organisers use Recifa to create wonderful experiences for their guest, right from the point of ticket sales to the engagement activities after the main event - online and/or offline.

Recifa simplifies various activities for you and your guest, prevent unnecessary queues, reduce the required workforce, while keeping proper records and generating useful data for you.

Let's simplify the process

Rather than stressing your clients with an elaborate process of going thru various websites, would it be better if they could just pay instantly on whatever social media platform they are?

Get paid everywhere

Smart businesses use Recifa to increase sales by simplifying the transaction process for their client, wherever they are, online or offline.

Show clients you mean business

What makes one business stand out from others are usually the little things they do that others tend to overlook.
Unique businesses use Recifa to create simplier payment methods for their clients by creating smart invoices and BOQs. Along with our auto-reminders and records management feature, you can keep track of your business transactions and correspondence with clients, making it easy to follow up and stay organized.

Let's change the status quo

It often takes extra effort to convince students/parents to pay up their fees early, and usually, there is a very thin line between being strict and being rude.
With Recifa you could stimulate early payments, by automating the process of collecting fees, while also simplifying the payment process for parents/guardians or students without the risk of losing your reputation.

Show them you can be trusted.

When people give donations, they want to get a sense of fulfillment, that they have done it right. With Recifa, you can receive donations from anywhere, and show complete transparency and trustworthiness while at it.

It's just paid voting,
It shouldn't be so difficult,
It shouldn't be that expensive.

Starting your reality show requires a lot of funds, time, and effort. Setting up the paid voting systems for such programs could be so stressful and expensive.
Recifa provides a quick and simple way to create paid voting systems for free.

Recifa provides tools that make it easier for clients to pay you anywhere, online or offline.

Meet Cynthia

Cynthia loves to party. She also organizes one of the best summer parties in town. However, attendance has been reducing despite her best efforts at publicity.

The Challenges:-

  • Distribution Channels: There are no outlets for people living in distant locations can easily get tickets.
  • Stressful Queues: The process of buying tickets, validating tickets, and buying refreshments involved a stressful queue.
  • Poor Data Gathering: Inadequate records have made it difficult for her to resolve any ticket issues or carry out follow-up activities after the event.

Here's how Recifa helps

Using Recifa, Cynthia created a payment link to sell tickets and then integrated GatePass to speed up the ticket validation at the gate and Menuly to ease the process of getting refreshments at the event.

The Results: 184% increase in profit after two events

  • Stress-Free Processes: People were able to get tickets wherever they were.
  • Data Powered Enhancement: She used data generated by Recifa to understand people's preferences and create better experiences.

Start selling tickets

Davids Wears

Jennifer is an internet entrepreneur and the CEO of Davids Wears online stores, She sells fashion accessories via WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. However, some challenges hindered her business growth.

The Challenges:-

  • Trust Issues: Some persons won't make payments to random individuals online
  • Client's Behaviour: People are easily distracted by other activities online
  • No Business Account: Customers would rather pay to a business account
  • Away Time: She loses some customers when she is not online in time to receive payment.

Here's how Recifa helped

She created payment links using Recifa, which she shared along with her usual post online.

The Results: 73% more sales in the first month

  • More clients felt secure making payments via Recifa
  • Clients didn't need to wait for bank account details to make payment
  • Interested clients could make their payment instantly online before browsing on
  • Recifa also creates records, smart receipts, and useful data for analysis and follow up

Create A Payment link

Professionality at Afe Studios

Solomon is a creative photographer and the owner of Afe Studios. He receives clients from all over the city. However, due to the competitive nature of his business, Customer retention has been poor.

The challenges:

  • Numerous Competition: Photography is a very competitive business, customers have various options to choose from
  • Billing and Payment Process: Previous methods of billing and payment are usually not professional or customer friendly.
  • Poor Data Gathering: Inadequate records have made it difficult for effective customer relationship management.

Here's how Recifa helps

He used Recifa to send smart professional invoices with automated reminders and smart receipts, and also generated useful business data.

The Results: 87% customer retention for over 12 months and counting

  • Increased Competitive Edge: With Recifa, Solomon made business professionality one of his competitive edges.
  • Data Powered Enhancement: He used data generated by Recifa for business analysis and to increase customers loyalty

Create an invoice


Enitan started a foundation for the homeless in 2018, he needs to raise funds for a homeless shelter and feed within the city. He has sent out various letters and has created an online #CharityMatters movement to boost publicity, but he still wasn't raised as much as he had hoped.

The Problems

  • Trust Issues: This foundation is quite new, and has not gained enough public trust yet
  • Client's Behaviour: People are easily distracted by other activities online
  • No Assurance: People needed some form of transparency to be sure that their money are being spent as promised

Here's how Recifa helps

He created payment links using Recifa, and used the transparency setting of recifa to improve trust.

The Results: 84% more donations

  • More people felt secure making donations via Recifa
  • People didn't need to wait for bank account details to make donations
  • Interested persons could make their payment instantly online before browsing on
  • Recifa also creates records that are easily sharable for transparency

Start collecting donations

Ayo Dele's School of Business

Mr. Ayo Dele is a business consultant. He is also the proprietor of one of the best schools of business in the city of Ibadan. However, he finds himself constantly trying to meet up the cost of his operation, because of late payments from students.

The challenges:

  • Stressful Payment Procedures: Students/Parents usually have to call him to get account details or come to his office to pay cash.
  • Manual processes and reminders: He usually has to call each person to remind them to make payment.

Here's how Recifa helps

Using Recifa, He created and sent smart invoices with automatic reminders and subscription options to parents/students.

The Results: 85% of his students paid up earlier than usual

  • Easier payment procedures: WIth Recifa's smart invoice, parents were able to make payments immediately via the invoice.
  • Reminders and subscriptions: Smart invoices sent frequent reminders to parents and gave them the option of subscribing to Ayo's programs

Start Collecting Fees

And the winner is...

Peter wants to start an online reality show for young entrepreneurs to compete and showcase their ideas to stand a chance of winning startup capital. However, when he tried to set up online paid voting, he was faced with some challenges.

The problems

  • There are many online options available but none of them allowed for offline payment
  • He couldn't find any service that provided USSD for quick voting.
  • Most options were too expensive

Here's how Recifa helps

Using Recifa, Peter created payment links for each candidate, generated USSDs, and then integrated Polls to help him organize the polls and compute the results.

The Results: A total of 2,438,076 paid votes recorded

  • Free: Peter was able to implement an online paid voting system for free without any stress
  • Online and Offline: Voters were able to vote online and offline or using USSD

Start collecting votes

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Simplifying the process With Recifa, you get more than just a tool that helps with the sales of event tickets; you would also get a free wrbsite and other add-on tools that helps with activities like ticket verification, smart menu, sales of event product, and other online and/or offline activities during and after the event.

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Recifa provides tools that significantly boost your sales everywhere, online or offline. With Recifa you can be sure that clients can purchase your products anytime, from any location.

Recifa also generates relevant data you could integrate with other Business Suite tools to aid other business operations, sales, records, feedback, analysis, and decision-making..

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Become More

Business doesn't start or finish at the moment you get paid, so Recifa wouldn't just provide only tools you need to collect payment. You can get more out of your business with add-on tools and other Business Suite tools you can integrate with Recifa. Our tools allow you to get paid faster, store transaction records, analyze the business operation, reach and engage clients and so on. Whether online or offline Recifa has got you covered.

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More Value Added

Recifa makes it as easy as possible for you to collect votes from your constituents. Whether they're online or offline, voters can vote anywhere, either using USSD, WhatsApp, or any other channel you use. Recifa also integrates other easy-to-use tools, to help you manage and compute your polls while keeping your voting process secure.

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Increase public trust

Receive donations from anywhere in the world with Recifa. Our transparency and trustworthiness ensures that your donations will save lives and make a difference. With our add on tools, you can boost your voice and get help from around the world. Get support and publicity for your cause with Recifa today!

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Do more for less

With Recifa you can also integrates other powerful tool that would help you streamline records, manage access control, create online assessments, and other administrative tasks required for running your school. Making it the perfect solution for schools looking to improve their operations, productivity and reduce costs.

Get a place online

Take your event to the next level. Get a free website.

Get a website where people can learn more about your event, or get a ticket anytime, anywhere.

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Create your store online

Sell more online with a store just for you.

Have you considered getting a store online just for your products? it might be easier than you think. Business Suite provides various options, best fits your business requirements.

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Promote your business

Create an electronic business card - Let people know you by what you do

Get an electronic business card, that automatically updates your clients about what's new in your business.

Create BizCard

Get a free website

Get a free webpage for your school, institute or department

Get a website where people can learn more about your institute, or make payments from anywhere, anytime.

Get website

Get free showcase online

Get a free webpage for your voting events.

Get a website where people can learn more about your event, cast their votes directly from right within your website anytime, anywhere.

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Get support & publicity

Boost your voice, get help from around the world

Get more donations, get more persons to hear your voice and contribute to your course.

Start Boosting

Use Menuly

Avoid long queues at the bar.

Create a digital menu that can be accessed by everyone at your event or restaurant. Users can make and receive their orders from anywhere without going to the bar.

Open menuly

Use IGStore

Sell and get paid on Instagram.

You can now sell and get paid directly from your Instagram handle. With IGstore selling on Instagram is as simple as posting your products on Instagram and IGstore takes care of the rest.

Open IGStore

Try Crmeer

An easier and more effective way to manage Customer Relationship

Use CRMeer to easily and effectively manage and automate your customer relationship.

Open CRMeer

Try Unicus Assessment

Create and manage computer-based assessment (includes exam fees)

Create Computer-based test and exam for your students easily. With multiple options and presets, you can be sure of a secured exam online or offline

Create Assessment

Use Polls

Create credible and transparent polls online

Create and manage professional online & offline polls

Open Polls

Popular Add-on tools to boost your events to aid your business to improve your operations to improve your operations to simplify your operations to enhance your polls
Here are some relevant event management business tools you can use from within Recifa


Manage your access control into your event venue

Learn More...


Create automated raffle drawing system

Learn More...


Create smart food and drinks menu for restuarant and events

Learn More...


Create promo codes to give your clients discounts on purchase

Learn More...

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Testimonials See what other brands are saying..


We have easily generated more revenue from using the paid-online voting feature on Recifa. It has increased our business profit.

Erhiga Adams

Event Organiser, founder of Sesac event

Rave Warri

Now it's easy to manage and give account for payment coming in from people attending our events. The good part was we were actually able to setup the ticket link ourselves.


Event Organiser, Rave Warri Parties


I was able to tell that my client had viewed the invoice sent to him via whatsapp. He paid almost immediately througn the invoice.

Power Odia

Photographer, Founder and lead at Pawordo Photos

Queens High School

I was just glad that I could setup the payment link for my school dues by myself. The process was seamless.

Mr O. Michael

School Owner, CEO of Queens High School